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$49 Landscape Design

New Plant Nerds mobile design service!

Design, delivery and layout, all in one quick and easy process.

Step 1, send us a picture.

Step 2, our designer comes to you with a truckload of plants.

Step 3, approve the design.

Step 4, install yourself or have us do it for you.

Step 5, enjoy.

wachusett area landscape design for small yards

Call now to schedule an appointment! 978-422-0071 or: Book Online

Then email pictures of the area you want designed to: sterlinggreenery@gmail.com

Don't waste hundreds of dollars and hours of your time on a paper design. We bring the actual plants to your house and lay them out on the ground for you to see! This way of designing helps you visualize and really understand what you are getting. The designer will bring the right plants for the area and explain them to you right on site. You get design, delivery, and layout all in one visit. You will have the option to plant yourself or have our planting crew do it for you! Either way, all our trees and shrubs come with a 3 year guarantee!

We'll use decades of combined expertise to create a stunning layout that's custom-made for your home.

When you're happy with your new design, you can purchase the plants and they'll stay right there! No meetings, no searching for plants on a list, no waiting at all!

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